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About VRUN Horse Racing Tipping and Information Service

Horse Racing Tips UK IRELAND

Established in 2008, VRUN is a betting advisory service offering betting tips and advice on UK and Irish Horse Racing.

Our proof of results show that with the right mental approach, long-term profits can be made in an industry were approximately 97% of punters lose. Every one of our selections is carefully picked with patience, discipline and that all important value forefront.

As a VRUN monthly subscriber you can receive our tips by e-mail.

Our information is always sent out before Midday, giving you plenty of time to place your bets.

Why Choose VRUN?

Reasons to join VRUN Racing Tips
UK BETTING INSDIE INFORMATIONThere are hundreds of Horse Racing Tipsters and Tipping Services out there, why join VRUN?

There are very few tipsters and horse racing tipping services out there who can give you proven sustained profits over the long-term.
VRUN members have consistently made long-term profits at level stakes using Betfair Starting Prices (BSP).

Every VRUN horse racing tip is proofed to the UK's top horse racing proofing service, the racing index. See the proof here! Racing Index Proofing for VRUN

VRUN's profits are thanks to our careful selection process coupled with our sensible staking plan.

What is our staking plan you ask?
Put simply we advise Level Stakes Win Bets on every VRUN tip.
We very strongly advise that you take the Betfair Starting Price or Best Odds Guaranteed.

Massive profits can be made following VRUN in conjunction with placing the bets using Betfair SP or Best Odds Guaranteed.

Monthly Subscription Packages

VRUN offer three subscription packages - 30 days, 180 days and 360 days.
All tips are sent via Free SMS text messages and/or e-mails.
Subscribers receive all of VRUN's information by Midday (UK time) on the day of racing.

You can join any day of the year - your 30 / 180 / 360 Day subscription will simply start from that particular day.

VRUN Racing tipping service, subscription prices:

30 days VRUN tips: £20 (that's just £0.67 per day)

180 days VRUN tips: £100 (just £0.56 per day, saving you £20)

360 days VRUN tips: £180 (just £0.50 per day, saving you £60)

Now is the time to take advantage of these prices, as our current prices are far too competitive considering the quality of our information and performance. We may soon have to increase our prices.

*Remember, you can join any day of the year - your 30 / 180 / 360 Day subscription will simply start from that particular day.

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As a VRUN member you can rest assured that we will be doing our best to continue giving our subscribers consistent profits. If you would like to subscribe, or have any other questions please e-mail us

Every, yes every tip is proofed with Racing-Index
PROOFED AT RACING INDEXClick the PROOFED to Racing Index banner and see for yourself just how good our betting information is.
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VRUN look forward to helping you profit
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